Updating Your Address With The IRS. What Is The Process?



You should always keep your information current with the IRS, especially when you, the sole proprietor or physical business owner, change addresses. Whether it’s your personal residence, or if your business moves, you need to keep everything up to date. Does the IRS make that simple? Well, that would be a dream come true, but they just don’t.

When You Apply For an EIN

As if they didn’t already make the process of applying for an EIN a living nightmare, they also make it a lengthy process. Nothing’s worse than dragging something out that’s already been dragged out. It goes on and on, and you get exhausted—everybody has been there. Your process of applying shouldn’t have to take all day.

Updating Information Is a Pain

It’s not just updating your address, either. You have to go onto the IRS website, fill out information, and most of the time, you end up having to call their customer service line anyway. That’s when it gets really frustrating. They don’t upkeep the information you’ve already inputted on the website, and you end up having to start from square one with the IRS employee on the other end of the line. It’s an all day affair.

How to Get a Tax ID Number In VA

The easiest way to apply in any state is by using the simplified services by the good folks at IRS-EIN. You don’t have time to mess around with the IRS on the phone—your time is valuable, and as they say, it’s money. Let the professionals who deal with the IRS every single day handle the tough bits for you.

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