Rabbits, Deer and other garden pests – Keeping them out of your food humanely

OK. I know it is a little early to be thinking about the garden. [I have a snow pile in my garden right now], but, it will melt fairly quickly in a few weeks. Come on, little groundhog! Work your magic. See that shadow!

If you do not have a dog, the next best thing to repelling rabbits and deer from your garden, is to create a sock hanger that I refer to as ‘hare hair’.

It is ugly. It is unsightly. But, gosh-darn-it, it works to repel those darn creatures from eating all that stuff that has to grow and blossom to create those lovely tomatoes and ‘what-not’ in your garden that you love to eat so much!

Deer and rabbits are not man’s best friend. In fact, they are scared to death of us. Even if they cannot see us, they can smell us. When they smell us, they run, far, far away.

This is a wonderful thought! This article is not for those of you who are trying to get deer and rabbit to populate in your yard. This is for those of us, who would rather the Bambi’s and Thumper’s scamper off to our neighbor’s yard and stay there.

How do I propose to keep them away?

‘Hare hair!’

“What is Hare Hair?” You might ask.

Well. Hare Hair is bits of hair that you collect from your local salons and beauticians. You know, the hair that drops to the floor when they do a haircut. You ask them for it. Trust me. They will send you home with more than you need. [Take all you can get!]

When I collect it, I get ready a pair of pantyhose or nylons. An old, yucky used pair is perfect. You don’t even need to wash them. All you need to do is fill the panty hose with the hair you’ve collected. Cram it in there. Tie it onto a stick that you can poke into the ground in your garden. This stick can be metal, wood or whatever. Its only real requirement is that you can tie your stocking onto it in some fashion at the top.

Then, dip the stocking end into water. Pound it into the ground and your ‘Hare Hair’ is now up and running. Yeah. Now you have this smelly, wet, dripping thing in your garden, but let’s ignore that fact and remember that we are repelling rabbits and deer.

What does it do?

Well. Remember I said that deer and rabbits are not man’s best friend. Well. The sock acts like us. It smells like us. The deer and the rabbits smell the sock. They stay away, thinking we are somewhere nearby.

The best part is: when it rains, it gets wet again. Voila! The smell gets stronger, again.

Trust me, it works. You see. Rabbits and deer love to eat stuff that is growing in your garden. Which is a real pain in the ‘you know what’ when you are trying to get something to grow.

Although, the argument could very well be that they are ‘pruning’ your stuff. . . and getting it to thicken up. Well. Do not believe those lies. A hungry rabbit is not interested in how well he prunes your tomatoes or anything else. They do not prune things properly.

‘Gone is gone,’ no matter how you slice it.

So, take my advice! Do what I do! Use ‘Hare Hair’.

If this doesn’t work, you may actually have a larger rat or other rodent that’s invading your garden and raiding your food. Yuck! If you haven’t spotted the culprit to confirm that it is in fact, a rabbit, it might be a good idea to set a few catch and release style mouse traps and see what happens. These can be found online easily enough and they work well outdoors where you wouldn’t want to use a regular rat trap for fear of harming wildlife.

Garden pests are definitely no fun but with these tips, you’ll be the one enjoying those fresh greens and veggies, not Bambi, Thumper, or Mickey Mouse!

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