Why Card Payments are Essential


The way we pay for goods and services has changed considerably in just the last few years. The advent of online shopping means we can buy just about anything without leaving the home, and when we do choose to visit a shop or other service provider, we are more likely to pay by card – either debit or credit – than with cash. Indeed, it is now a fact that 66% of face to face payments are made by card; that is two out of every three. There are further reasons why you need to be taking card payments, so let’s have a look in more detail.

Credit and debit cards, as we have said, are the preferred form of payment for many reasons. The convenience of being able to make a payment without the need to search for cash or write a check cannot be overstated. Furthermore, the convenience of the merchant not having to take cheques to the bank is also not to be overlooked. Your customers will appreciate the fact you take payments by card as much as you do, and there are many more reasons why you should be up to speed with plastic.

Free Card Reader

If you contact Merchant Account Solution they will be happy to provide you with all the help and advice you need, and guide you in the direction of the best free card reader for you. They are the leading name in the field and have many satisfied clients – over 100,000 merchants, in fact – including many well-known household brands. They supply the very latest and most reliable card readers for businesses of all sizes and types, and will be more than happy to provide you with a free quote for their services which we believe you will find to be very competitive.

There is another reason why you should be accepting card payments, and it’s this: customers are more likely to spend more wen paying by card, possibly by as much as 20%. You really cannot afford to be missing out on a potential bonus such as this, so talk to Merchant Account Solutions about a wireless credit card machine right now, and see how it can be of benefit to you in many more ways.

What the Future Holds

The simple fact is that cards are already used for more payments than cash, and this can only become more so as we go forward. We are already in the realm of the contactless payment – a swiped card that does not need a PIN for smaller payments – which are the most convenient form of card payment of all, and we can be sure that technology will help us advance even more in this area in the near future.

Have a look at the Merchant Account Solutions website now for all the information you could possibly need on taking card payments and the equipment available, and also to find out how little you need to pay to ensure the greatest convenience for you and your customers.