Tips for Saving on Business Energy Costs

In the world of business, you can increase your revenue by earning more or saving more. Naturally, many business owners focus simply on earning and trying to make more sales, but they neglect the fact that they can also generate more income by cutting costs and saving in little ways. One of the most common ways that companies waste money is through energy usage, but the following tips can help you save.

1. Understand rollover contracts.

Some companies will automatically swing you into the next contract when yours expires. A lot of the time, though, the new contract comes at a higher price point. They’re simply hoping to lock you in before you notice. Make sure that you understand exactly how your contract works so that you always get a low price.

2. Use motion sensor light systems.

You can tell your employees to turn off the lights whenever they leave part of your building, but the reality is that they are often going to forget. Motion sensor systems ensure that lights that are forgotten only stay on for a few minutes. You can save a lot if you’re only burning power when you really need it.

3. Switch to LEDs.

LED lights are incredible energy efficiency. Each bulb can save you hundreds over its life, and you usually don’t have to replace them for years; some LED lights last for more than two decades. If you haven’t yet switched to LEDs, do it today.

4. Change your filters.

You definitely need to change the filters for your heating and cooling system. This makes the system far more efficient, so it runs less often and uses less fuel. It also helps to keep it from breaking down. Filters are cheap; change them once a month to keep the HVAC system working properly.

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