Money Saving Travel Tips

With the power of the internet and a little motivation, you can cut many costs on your next trip. I will be taking the time to share a few tips that can help you save and feel comfortable while traveling.

Booking Flights

Take the time to check and plan in advance discount sites on a daily basis for updated deals. Usually, these types of places charge a small fee for use, but they can easily combine most of the airlines to show you the best deals, so they could be worth the nominal charge.

Connecting flights can be a great way to save a good amount of money. Not many will be happy with the wait times, but we can all agree the prices are great.

Packing for Travel

Pack light; try to take some of the heavier items with you in your carry-on bag. Most airlines have no restrictions when it comes to carry-on weight limits.

Try not to turn in a bag over the limit, and take the time to weigh your own bags at home, prior to going to the airport, to see if you exceed the limit.

Never Pay for Travel Accessories

When paying for ear plugs, sleep masks, charging adapters, and so forth, at an airport, you will be paying incredibly inflated prices. Try to get these items prior to your trip so you don’t get tempted by others enjoying them on the plane.

Bring Your Own Food

Many airlines today charge you for food or require you to opt-out. By bringing your own snacks you are able to save a little. Even if you don’t have to pay for the airline meal you might as well bring some snacks you actually like, unless you genuinely enjoy airline food.

Remember that all liquids are banned by airport security.

Booking Bundles

Usually, when traveling, you can book combos that contain a car, a hotel, and the flight itself. Sometimes these combos can really cut some corners and keep overall costs low. Take the time to research some companies that can put all these together for you.

Eat what the Locals Eat

Try to look and see where the locals eat; eating out at restaurants and tourist traps can really cost you. Why pay for imported food that’s going to be priced four times higher than a good meal at the corner? If your hotel offers free buffet breakfasts, take advantage of these and get your fills worth so you can have one meal taken care of for the day.

Currency Exchange

Never use the currency exchange at airports, the rates are horrible. You can get a better deal by exchanging currencies prior to your flight through a bank. Withdrawing money abroad can cost you a 3% exchange rate fee for whatever you pull out. Ask your bank for the specifics on conversion fees.

Self-Guided Tours

Tour guides can cost you a pretty penny and you will also be moving along at their pace. Download an application to look at local trails and set up your own adventure for free. Being able to travel at your own pace makes for a more personal experience.

Hotel Business Services

When in your room you might be surprised how expensive it is to use the services. Try and avoid using the television as much as possible by using applications such as Netflix, Hulu, and Crunchyroll.

Some hotels try and leave some really tasty snacks in a basket – too bad these aren’t free. Anything you grab can cost you in the end. Go to the local store and pick up snacks to avoid paying for overpriced candy.

If working at hotels, try and secure your file-sharing programs or your personal information by using a virtual private network. When using free Wi-Fi, others can possibly access your information and steal your identity.

Haggle Hotel Rooms

Most hotels have rooms they can give at discount prices. Haggle with the clerks to see if they can give you that one room that isn’t as good as the others. If you are one that doesn’t want a fancy room and just looking for a place to sleep, this is the perfect option for you.

Budget Attractions

Do some research on the internet and you may find that popular attractions can be discounted. Some museums have one day a month when admission is at a reduced price or even free. Coupons can often be found online, through banks or credit unions, or even auto insurance companies and grocers. There may even be a local festival with many free or budget activities at your destination.

By reviewing these options you can save a good amount of money and still have an awesome time on a budget trip. Not everything will be overpriced. Arm yourself with a little information and you should be good to go.