Invest In Equipment To Slash Your Bills And Reap The Rewards For Decades

The title makes a bold statement, but it is accurate. An investment now can give you decades of reduced bills for gas and electricity. You might suspect that it is a gamble, but that isn’t the case; the projects come with a guarantee. As the cost of energy continues to rise, and supplies become unstable, you will be able to continue with life as normal.

I will tell you the secrets today. You might have heard of most of them, but one in particular sounds like the stuff of science fiction. Read on and enjoy this fascinating subject that could ease the burden of energy bills.

Solar Energy

Let’s take a look at two ways to use the power of the sun.

  • It costs a lot of money and uses valuable energy to heat the domestic hot water, but you can do it for free. Solar water heaters are incredibly efficient units that will provide enough water for the whole family. The size of the tank is important because you need to heat up and store as much water as you can when the sun is high. The water runs through pipes encased in clear vacuum tubes, and the sun heats them up. The vacuum allows the system to work on cold days as long as the sun shines.
  • Solar panels generate electricity during daylight hours. Those who wish to live an off-grid lifestyle could store the energy they don’t use in the day, in a bank of batteries. At night, they can light the house with LED bulbs that consume a tiny amount of power and are highly efficient. If there are enough batteries, they can connect an inverter to transform the voltage so they can still use their appliances.

Wind Energy

If you can afford a powerful wind turbine and you live in a breezy area, it could provide a lot, if not all of the electricity for your home. The downside to wind energy is that it isn’t as reliable as the sun. Even so, it is a brilliant way to supplement your power production.

Heat From Nothing

Ductless heat pumps take ambient heat from the surrounding air and use it to warm your house. It sounds too good to be true, but it works. Your refrigerator removes heat from the air inside it and disperses it from the heat exchanger on the back. Imagine if your fridge was outside with the door open and the heat exchanger was in the house. The heat will keep your rooms warm, and it all comes from the air outside. The unit uses less power than it would cost to heat your home another way, and you can even run it from solar panels.

Of course, you can save more money by insulating your home to a high standard. Add extra loft insulation and fill the wall cavities with a product to help keep the warmth in the building. Double glazing will help to prevent heat loss through the windows, but it is a wise investment.

If you invest money in your home, it can only improve your life and finances in the long run. I hope you found this subject fascinating. I can’t wait for the next invention; the future is upon us.

One more thing to consider is whether your existing fireplace is energy efficient. Get it regularly inspected by someone.