How To Sell Your Home Faster

Read this closely if you are looking to sell your house in a hurry, a recent survey by Big Yellow Storage polled 250 estate agents to gauge their thoughts on what are the top tips for improving their chances of a quick house sale.

And the biggest factor that potential buyers are both looking for and put off by is space. The abundance or lack of can go a long way to influencing a sale.

According to the survey, every square foot of your floor space that is freed up could be worth as much as £238 pound.

A clutter-free home can increase the value of a property by as much as 11%. So if you are looking to sell your house fast, then you need to ask yourself the question, just how much excessive clutter do I have to lie around that I could get rid of?

If your hallway is overrun with shoes, or you have bikes in the front room, then make the effort to get them out of the way before you show anyone around for a viewing.

Another simple thing you can do to create the effect of more space is to remove all the small kitchen items such as kettles and toasters from the worktops. The kitchen is the main area to impress when it comes to selling a house.

Making some minor space-saving initiatives like this can make a big improvement to how the room is perceived, plus buyers like to visualize the house to their tastes. So if you have clashing tastes with people viewing your home, then the last thing you want to do is put

Paint the room in light colors such as magnolia, as this again creates the illusion of space. The other important room in your home when it comes to making a sale is the bathroom. If you only have a small bathroom, then placing a large mirror on the wall can make a massive difference to how the room feels when someone enters it.

And the same rules apply to the bathroom, remove any items of clutter and make the room as presentable as possible. Don’t leave any laundry lying around, and polish the silverware to a good standard, the bathroom has to b presented to the highest standard, as it is the room that most represents the hygiene of the home.

Buyers are very aware these days of what they want from a purchase, and the airwaves are awash with programs on renovation and house-selling tips, I read about a couple recently who were looking to sell a house fast in Brombrough.

The house was full of clutter and had been sitting on the market unsold for six months without an offer. They decided enough was enough and got to clearing the excess items from the house, and painted throughout in magnolia.

Once they had completed the makeover the house sold within a month. So the effort really paid off for them.

So if you find you are in the same situation, wanting to sell but your house is full of junk, then take the time and make the effort to clear the clutter, and you will be adding value to your home, ready for a quick sale.