How To Make Extra Money While You Study

While you’re at college the chances are that you are going to need some kind of income. Not only for the cost of living but to pay for the busy social life that studying away from home often brings. The good news is that there are different job options out there for you, many of which are fantastic for fitting around a life filled with study and education.

Working in Retail

For many people, a job at Target or somewhere similar is the ideal choice. If you look locally you will probably find that there are a number of retail establishments out there. This helps to ensure that whatever your interests are, there will be a job out there that suits you. Where possible try to find a job related to things you enjoy as this will make working much more fun.

The good thing about working in retail is that you can often pick evening and weekend shift patterns which is ideal for fitting around studying. You will also find that during busier times of the year (often when you are on holiday from college) extra shifts also become available which is even better.

Jobs in Bars and Restaurants

If a job in retail isn’t your thing then bars and restaurants are also worth checking out. These tend to have late nights and some evenings which can be ideal for someone that is studying too. One of the perks of this type of job is that you can earn tips on top of your wage, which can make it much better financially for you.

Much like a job in retail, this has quieter and busier times of the year so you can earn more or less depending on how much studying you have to do at the same time.


Freelancing Online

There are many different careers you can carve out for yourself online so this can be worth looking into when it comes to working while you study. There are different websites that you can sign up for in order to apply for freelancing work. Jobs include writing content, data entry, virtual assistants, and much more. Find something that you are good at and then see if you can turn this into a way to make money. As you are your own boss when it comes to this the hours that you work are totally flexible.

The thing to remember when working while you study is that you need to not overdo it. You are in college for a reason so you need to make sure that you have enough time and energy to study and complete work on time. Thankfully as there are different flexible jobs out there finding something that fits around this should not be too much of a struggle. Just make sure that you look around in order to find something that is perfectly matched to you and your needs – and that you can fit it around your current study schedule.