How to Add Value to Your Home

Real estate can represent a great investment, particularly if you enhance your home to boost its appeal among potential buyers. The following improvements could help you to add value to your property.


One of the easiest and cheapest ways to up the value of your abode is to redecorate. Simply refreshing your walls with a new coat of paint could raise their value. When you’re doing this, make sure you stick to neutral colors. Anything too distinctive could put possible purchasers off.

Also, remember to focus on the outside of your home as well as the inside. Giving the exterior of your house a new lick of paint can help to increase its curb appeal and it will create a good first impression. You may also benefit from refurbishing or replacing your front door if it looks scruffy.

Meanwhile, to make your rooms appear larger, invest in plenty of mirrors for your walls. For example, hanging these reflective items in your hallway could make the space seem more spacious.


10905805_d129a68b12_oImage courtesy of Andrew Hayward

If your budget will accommodate it, it’s worth boosting the square footage in your home. Extending your property can significantly increase its value. Loft conversions are a great example. This can be a simple way to add extra bedrooms and bathrooms. It’s possible to double the money you spend on these alterations. For example, if you shell out £20,000 on these changes, you can add as much as £40,000 or even more to the value of your home.

Alternatively, you may want to extend at the back, front, or side of your property. If you do this, make sure you design the new part of your home carefully. It should integrate with the rest of the building naturally rather than appearing to be stuck on as an afterthought.

A simpler option is to build a conservatory. Again, this should match the style of your house. When done well, these additions can add around seven percent to the value of a home.

Knock down a wall

Of course, any load-bearing walls have to remain firmly in place on your property. However, other partitions can be removed. Bear in mind that buyers are more concerned about the amount of usable space within properties than the number of rooms. If you think the interior of your abode could be improved by knocking down certain walls, this may prove to be a shrewd investment.

For example, removing a wall to create a large open-plan living room diner could improve the look and feel of your house. Source for home listings in Hamilton to see what other property owners have been doing to increase the appeal of their homes.

Add parking spaces

If you live in an area where parking is hard to come by, it may pay off to pave over your front garden to add space for cars. In pricey urban areas, this can significantly boost the value of houses. Bear in mind though, you may need planning permission to do this.

Update Your Kitchen and Bathroom

Kitchens and bathrooms often make or break a sale, so it’s worth investing in these spaces if you want to maximize the value of your property. Even if you don’t install all-new equipment, simply retiling walls and floors can create a much more modern look and feel. Also, consider making your kitchen more energy-efficient by replacing old appliances with newer models designed to reduce electricity consumption. This could keep costs down for future buyers while also helping out the environment. Similarly, updating bathroom fixtures can help to add a touch of glamor to older properties and attract potential tenants or purchasers. You may even decide to add extra features like heated towel rails or wall lighting as this could be an attractive addition to prospective buyers.

Finally, it’s important to think about lighting. Adding more bulbs or spotlights throughout your home can bring out the best features and make rooms appear much brighter and more spacious. As most people look for light-filled homes, this could be a great way to increase the value of your property. By taking these steps, you’ll be able to create an inviting home that buyers will love. Plus, you may even have some spare cash in your pocket when you come to sell up as these improvements can add significantly to the price of your house. So don’t delay – get started on those renovations today but before you make any changes to your property, make sure you do some research to see what sort of return on your investment you can expect. This will help to ensure you make the right choices.