Counting on discounts – money saving made easy

No matter how much money we make, we always need a little bit more in order to buy something we like or pay an old bill. It is too bad that we cannot simply earn some more or spend as much as we want on clothes and other items, but being a grownup and a responsible person usually means that you have to sacrifice something for a higher cause. Luckily, there are so many ways to save money that are easy and simple that you will have no problem putting some of it aside without even noticing.

The vast land of DIY

You don’t have to be super-talented or a sewing genius to make some great DIY projects. This is a fantastic way to use your old clothes and turn them into something new and useful. Resize your old tees, make cute little shorts with lace, sew your own skirts, or simply make a fashionable new accessory out of pieces you don’t wear anymore, for example, a scarf out of your old, oversized shirt. You don’t necessarily have to use clothes or make clothes – DIY projects can make even pieces of furniture or wall decorations out of the most unexcited items. This way, you will save money on clothes, accessories, decorations, etc., and master a new skill along the way.

Buy out of season

It may seem ridiculous at first, buying clothes, coats, and shoes only to leave them in your wardrobe for months before you are able to wear them, but think again. Careful planning and thinking in advance will leave you with fashionable clothes and more money in your pocket. Buying swimwear in September and coats in March does mean that they will not be worn for a while, but it does mean that you’ll save a significant amount of money because you bought them at the out-of-season sales. Keep an eye out for sale signs in your favorite stores and follow their websites to get good information – it will mean a lot.

Use coupons

It has been a while since you had to sit down and cut coupons out of newspapers to get a discount in a store. With so many people buying everything they need online, stores have changed their approach as well. You can find great offers for food, clothes, and gadgets, depending on what you are looking for at the moment. H&M offers coupons for free shipping and gives discounts. Browse the web to find the coupons that you need and make sure you check if they expired before you make a purchase. You wouldn’t like not getting your discount, right?

Use your own garden

If you have a garden, plant something useful in it and not just flowers, for example, tomatoes or lettuce. If, however, you don’t have a garden, a simple pot in your kitchen will do the trick. Pots of aromatic herbs will do wonders for your budget – simple fresh basil will last very long and you can use it whenever you need it and use it as much as you need it. No need to go out buying basil and then watch the rest of it (what you didn’t use in your dish that day) quickly dry and become useless.

Some of these money-saving tips and tricks are also a way to have fun at the same time. Looking for coupons will certainly show you many good sides of the internet and DIY projects are even more fun (and less demanding) when you do it with a friend or a family member.