5 Weird and Unusual Ways to Save Money

Almost everyone could probably do with saving a little bit of money these days. However, saving cash doesn’t have to be all about buying cheaper versions of branded items and carefully using coupons – you can make it much more interesting than that! Here we have 5 weird and unusual ways you can save money:


1. Teach Your Cat to Use the Toilet

If you’ve got a cat, you could save a lot of money by teaching it to use the toilet. You might think this idea is ridiculous, and it might look a little silly, but replacing the litter box can be worth your while. Yearly, the average cost of cat litter is around £100. If you take into account that the average cat lives for 15 years, that will cost you around £1,500. You wouldn’t believe it, but teaching your cat to use the toilet is fairly simple! You can’t teach them how to flush, unfortunately, but it’s worth it for the cash you can save.

2. Have a Permanent Makeup Procedure

The average woman spends around £14,000 on makeup, in her lifetime. Wow! Of course, deciding not to wear makeup at all in favor of the au naturel look would be the cheapest thing to do, but we wouldn’t expect you to do that. A permanent makeup procedure involves pigmentation of the skin, similar to a tattoo. These procedures cost anywhere from £200 – £800 depending on where you go, and there are a few risks involved. However, you could be left with permanent, beautiful results for a one-off payment and treatment. You could even save by borrowing money from Buddy Loans if you can’t afford the treatment straight away.

3. Become a Vegetarian

Fruit and veg can be expensive, so many people believe that a vegetarian diet is actually more expensive than a meat eater’s diet. However, we can confirm that this is false! Not only will you enjoy better health by taking up a plant-based diet, but you’ll also find buying fruit, veg, beans, soy, and rice much cheaper in the long run.

4. Flush Less

Have you ever heard the phrase, ‘if it’s yellow let it mellow, if it’s brown flush it down? Well, limiting the amount you flush your toilet can really save you money. If the average person goes to urinate 6 times a day, that’s 7.6 gallons of water flushed. Per year that equals 2,774 gallons of water for just 171 gallons of urine. If we only flushed when we went number 2, we’d save around 2,190 gallons of water! A household of 4 people could potentially save over 8000 gallons of water if they followed this rule.

5. Make Everything Yourself

Although it’s easy enough to go out and buy things nowadays, making things yourself can save you a load of cash. Here are some things you should try making yourself:

  • Grow your own fruit and veg.
  • Make your own booze.
  • Make your own lotion, perfume, and soap.
  • Make DIY cleaning supplies.
  • Handmade gifts for birthdays and Christmas!

Saving money doesn’t need to be boring – have fun saving with our weird and unusual ways of saving money! Do you have any more weird ways to save? Let us know in the comments!