5 ways to cut down on electronic expenses

We all want more money in our pockets. From cutting expenses on groceries to gas to air-conditioning—we’re constantly searching for new ways to live a more frugal lifestyle. However, sometimes the best way to save money is to think outside the box, particularly in our obsession with electronics.

The digital age is in full effect and shows no time for slowing down. We, as a society, are so addicted to electronics that we fail to realize just how much of our day is consumed by electronics. Being as though electronics are a (relatively) new phenomenon of the industrial revolution, we seem to be a little unfamiliar with the best ways to save money. Luckily, there’re dozens upon dozen of economically savvy ways to reduce your tech spending.

Here are a few of the easier ways to cut down on your tech expenses:

1.) Bundle your home entertainment. Many cable and Internet providers allow you to bundle your home entertainment services. Those living with multiple people know best: everyone enjoys electronics differently. From streaming live music concerts on our desktops to downloading the newest Halloween movies on the big screen, no two electronic users are ever the same.

That’s why bundle and package deals are such a wonderful advantage to your monthly expenses. Be mindful, however, to make sure each service provided on your bundle is used, and used frequently. Opting to purchase a bundle is a waste if you don’t use each of the services available.

2.) Don’t view ‘extended warranties’ as a financially smart option. An extended warranty is supposed to provide us with peace of mind knowing that our TVs, cellphones, and gadgets are insured. However, in most cases, the price for opting to pay for an extended warranty is (on average) more expensive than the unlikely event your electronic device is damaged beyond repair. Electronics today have more longevity than ever—consider this during your next purchase.

3.) Consider using electronics as a financially smart option. Whether you want to believe it or not, refurbished electronics are generally just as functional as when they were first used. Many us of have a preconceived stigma against renovated electronics, but you could save yourself hundreds of dollars—and many times—it’s still under warranty.

4.) Put the car keys down. If you haven’t already jumped on the bandwagon, shopping online for electronic devices can save you a lot of money versus walking in and out of a retail store. Patience is a virtue when it comes to shopping frugally online. Unless it’s an absolute emergency, opt to pay with free shipping. Rushed or overnight delivery is all but meaningless considering the fact that shopping in person is quicker and often times cheaper.

5.) Profit on unused electronics. Each year, gather up all your electronic purchases and determine to divvy up the most valuable items that are least valuable to you. Resell these items on Craigslist, ebay, and similar sites to cash in on what you previously cashed out.

Image: https://pixabay.com/en/mobile-phone-samsung-music-605422/